Help! Pinterest is Turning me into a Hoarder!

Have you ever watched those TV episodes of “Hoarders”? I love that show. I studied psychology and human services, so I find such things fascinating. If you’ve seen the Hoarder episodes, then you know that hoarders think that all that “stuff” has value. Since becoming somewhat addicted to Pinterest, I can relate to the hoarders. I now see potential in things that I used to call garbage. That is so not like me. If something stays around my house for very long without being used then it is given away or thrown away. Now, I don’t want to throw anything away.

Here are just a few of the items that I want to hoard.

Old T-shirts:  the list of things to do with old t-shirts is much too long to include everything here but you can make scarfs, totes, dresses, cute tank tops, PJ pants, baby clothes, or blankets.

I loved this idea of making lounging or PJ pants for toddlers. Click on the photo to visit the Hammer and Thread Blog.

I’m going to do this one for sure. My husband has more Alabama t-shirts that I can count. If you look through any photos I have of him, you will have a difficult time finding a photo with him wearing anything other than an Alabama t-shirt. Click the photo to visit the Blog where I found this idea.

Empty containers, such as Clorox wipes containers

This is a cute idea of how to re-use those empty Clorox wipes containers. I’m sure there are many other uses as well. Click the photo to visit the Blog.

Empty Pop-top cans

I thought this was a clever idea for teacher’s gifts or perhaps for neighbors or friends at the office. You use a pop-top soup can. Open from the bottom with a can opener, remove the contents and clean the can, insert your gift (small items of course.. be creative). Replace the bottom with hot glue, wrap and gift. Your friends will wonder how you got their gifts into a pop-top can.

So as you can see, now I can’t even throw away my pop-top cans. Then there are all those DIY, homemade cleaning products that are pinned on Pinterest. I have to save containers like spray bottles and empty laundry soap containers so I can make these awesome homemade products… right? Then of course there are so many more…. I have to start saving old jeans, old sweaters, empty glass jars, toilet tissue tubes, scrap gift wrapping paper, old Greeting cards….help! “Hello, my name is Darlene and I’m a Hoarder.”


2 thoughts on “Help! Pinterest is Turning me into a Hoarder!

  1. I can totally relate! Yesterday I saved the empty spools from my ribbon. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but I’m sure I can find some great ideas on Pinterest!

  2. I started saving the boxes my babies diapers come in…I found a cute idea using them as storage boxes for the children’s room etc…Wrap them in in colored box tape, it makes them sturdy and they look decorative!

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