Mind the Gap weekly writing challenge: Animated GIFs: Highschool hijinks or polictical cartoons of the new millenium

This is not a topic that I would typically choose to write about because it’s not a topic that I’ve ever given any real thought to — but since I’m wanting experience at Freelance writing, I figured, why not at least share my opinion.

Luckily this week’s writing challenge was on a topic that I do somewhat understand. I know what a GIF is and I know that people have been creating them and posting them on the Internet since the 80’s.  It’s popular today to “recycle” or to “repurpose” things so I guess it’s no different for old school forms of media.

Are GIFs art? Yes GIFs are a form of expressive art. People use them as their personal avatars on forums to express their personality. However, at times it does make one question what this person is trying to say about themselves. Some that I’ve seen on sports forums that my husband reads, I would not want to repost here but here are a view that I saw today acrobat.gif,   EchoTiger.gif,  sprinter.gif, and this one is the avatar for one member on a local sports forum but it also expresses how I feel when doing grad school research papers.

In answer to the question for this week’s writing assignment: “Are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millenium?”  I personally feel that GIFs are the stuff of junior highschool hijinks. There is no real talent in creating a GIF. Most anyone can put a few images together to make one– just search Youtube. Having said that, it does seem that GIFs have also become the political cartoons of the new millenium. Many of the animated images posted during the election campaign were entertaining and made the reader focus on specific points of the article or story using the GIF image.

Cinemagraphs (animated GIFs) are not only being used to recap political debates but are also a big part of  promoting various products. Although, I find many of the amateur GIFs very annoying and juvenile; some of those used for advertisements are very well done and are eye-catching, such as this ad for Coke tumblr_m8i6rmeQDH1r49l3lo1_500.gif and these posted on Buzzfeed.

Although, it may seem that GIFs are a thing of the past. It seems that the media has breathed new life into an old school technique and many companies, and web sites are making use of animated GIFs in very creative and effective ways.

Here’s a GIF that I created quickly for the purpose of this blog post. This is a series of 3 photos and NO, I was not abusing my hubby… just brushing something from his face… honestly, that’s all I was doing.

fyw8n9 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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