Freelance writing: An article recently published

I’m trying to get as much writing experience as possible so I recently submitted articles for publication. This article was published on Yahoo! Voices.

Facebook Content Filters

Facebook pages sometime contain inappropriate and offensive content. Although it is open to individuals as young as 13 years of age, much of the content is certainly not child friendly. Facebook does have a minimum age requirement but it seems that there is no way to truly verify the age of subscribers. Most of us know people who have violated the age requirement policy.
Social networks have much to offer people who want to share information with many people at the same time. It’s much easier and quicker than writing email. It’s much more personal and the next best thing to actually being right there among your friends and family. Social networks even offer free opportunities to promote a product or a small business. Let’s face it, Facebook is fun and it’s addictive, but is it appropriate for children, teenagers, or even for adults who want to avoid the temptation to view the so-called “adult only” content?

Parental Control Software

Concerned parents monitor their children on the Internet. They even take measures to block web content by installing software, such as Netnanny. However, these monitoring software programs do not filter searches done through Facebook. Anyone can type keywords into the search bar to access hundreds of pages containing inappropriate material ranging from vulgar or profane language to explicit, even partially nude photos. Facebook does not currently have any built-in content filters other than allowing users to report offensive material posted.


The problem is not only with exposing minors to offensive content. Many adults would prefer to be able to browse and search pages on Facebook without finding themselves caught in a web of temptation.

Perhaps incorporating content filters into the site would eliminate a large part of this problem. Users could then choose settings to allow or block particular pages or types of content. Another option would be to charge for posting or accessing those type pages.


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