I only recently stumbled across the bloggings of “persuaded2go”. It was the title of this blog, “the gift of imperfection” that made me want to read more. I wasn’t sure what the blog would be about but it was that word, “imperfection” that I related to so well. I wanted to know what this person had to say because I couldn’t seem to put the words “gift” and “imperfection” together.
As you read this blog, one of the main messages that I want you to take from it this Christmas season is summed up in this quote from the blog,

“If your family is larger than ONE, you may be dealing with the very same people you love to hate. People who are messed up, broken packages. You may even feel like the broken package is you. Welcome here. Let’s gather ourselves together under a tree, and pretend we are alive. Or actually be alive. Whichever you choose. Being alive means living in the moment. And this year, if your gift looks a little broken, let others see you. REALLY see you.”
I hope that after reading this post, that you will take the time to read the story of this blogger.
Thank you persuaded2go for sharing your journey.


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