Who is Meme?

In 2005, we got the news that we were going to be grandparents for the first time. I was only 42 years old so I couldn’t imagine being called “Granny”, “Grandmother”, “Gran”, or following after my own mom and being called “Maw Maw”. I was very excited about having grandbabies but just didn’t feel that I was ready to be a “granny”. I wanted a name that my grandbabies could easily say and that would identify me as a grandmother without aging me 20 years. I became “Meme”…. so we are Pop and Meme to our grandchildren and I love that name. I love hearing my grandchildren call me “Meme”.

When beginning this Blog, I didn’t know what to name it but I wanted something short and simple that reflected who I am and what my Blog is about. I enjoy writing and I actually express my thoughts and feelings much better in writing than I do verbally. My husband can tell you that when I need to express a deep or serious thought, I often write him a note. I hope to express my thoughts and opinions here on my Blog and I hope that what I write will be things that my children and grandchildren (we now have 4 grandbabies, 2 girls and 2 boys) can benefit from, so my Blog is my way of sending notes…. therefore, “Notes from Meme” seems appropriate.


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