Meme child-proofs an entertainment center

If you have toddlers in the house, you know how clever they are and how quickly they discover new things and new areas to explore. Last December I traveled to Louisiana for the birth of our fourth grand baby. For this daughter, it was baby #2 — she would now have a one year old and a newborn, so of course Meme needed to be there to help my baby girl.

During the time I was there, the #1 grandson began to walk, so we now had a “Toddler” in the house. This just added more chaos to the mix of sleepless nights, endless loads of laundry, piles of dirty diapers, meal times, nap times, bath times, etc. Oh, and by the way, they lived in a townhouse apartment so the bedrooms and the only full bath was upstairs…. Meme’s knees were not too happy about the stairs. Well, I think you get the picture so you can imagine that our little toddler was quickly finding anything that had not yet been child-proofed.

My daughter and son-in-law had a very nice entertainment center. The cabinets had glass panes in the door and I was concerned that our toddler was going to break the glass. He loved to throw things or just pick up toys and bang the glass… not to mention that he would often stumble and fall against the doors so I was worried that he might break the glass. After pointing this out to my daughter and of course getting her permission…. but who’s going to say “no” to Meme… I headed to the local craft store.

This is the before photo. The glass panes were actually one solid sheet of glass that was held in place by several small rubber thingies or do-hickies. The glass was easy to remove. My son-in-law stored the glass so they could put it back when the boys were older or if they decided to sell the entertainment center at some point.

I replaced the glass with art board that I found at the local Hobby Lobby. You can use basically any type material that will fit. I just found something that was the same size and thickness of the glass panel.

My daughter printed out eight 5 x 7 photos of the boys and we used Mod Podge to attach them to the art board. I first put the art board in the cabinets and used a pencil to trace around the panes to make it easier to get the correct placement of the photos. After letting the project dry, we just put the boards in the cabinet and secured with the same rubber do-hickies that had held the glass in place.  If you have not used Mod Podge before, don’t worry. There are 100’s of sites that explain how to put photos on canvas or other materials. Just search Pinterest.

One last thing, this did not stop our toddler from opening the cabinets and pulling out things. I first just emptied the cabinets and then went in search of child safety latches that would work. It was not easy to find them for cabinet doors like this. I finally found them on Amazon. Finally, we have an entertainment center that is safe and displays eight photos of our beautiful baby boys.