Furry Friends

A new year has begun and for us it means that we have nine weeks left here in Belize. We have started the process of cleaning out closets and store rooms. We’ve begun sorting through books, keepsakes and photos and we’ve started packing things up that we will take with us. As we sort through these items, we of course stop and take time to look at old photos and take a walk down memory lane. Eight years may┬ánot seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things but a lot of memories can be packed into eight years.

We always knew that one day we would leave Belize and return to Alabama but we didn’t live our everyday life preparing to leave. We went about our life just as anyone does. We bought things, we accumulated “stuff” and we welcomed pets into our family. Not only did we welcome pets but we also rescued many animals in need. Some of our rescues were domestic animals such as dogs and cats but many were wild animals.

During our walk down memory lane, we found lots of photos of our precious furry friends so I put the photos together in a slide show to make sure we never forget their sweet faces.

Today’s blog post is for all those who share our love of animals. Our sweet pets have brought us much joy over the years and they made it easier for us to be so far from our children and grandchildren. They filled the void in our heart at times when we missed our babies at home.